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2023 Track & Field Registration

  • NOTE: Completion of this application DOES NOT guarantee applicant a position on a team. No applicant will be allowed to participate in any activity until this form has been completed in full and accepted by the above named member organization. Members organization acceptance is subject to final approval and certification by the sport.

  • PLAYER AND PARENTS TAKE NOTE: All rules concerning certification, eligibility, playing rules, sport/conference procedures, and any dispute arising from these rules are procedures rests solely with the sport and/or conference. The final arbitration is the Valley Youth Conference, Inc. Executive Board. I agree to abide to all conference decisions.

  • SECTION 1. APPLICANT’S STATEMENT (Applicant must complete and sign this section) I will faithfully keep and abide by the following rules and carry them out to the best of my ability.

1. I will maintain at least a “C” average throughout the school year.

2. I will play any position assigned and do my best for the team.

3. When my team is not playing I will stay off the playing field completely and will not interfere with those playing.

4. I solemnly pledge that I will not in any way damage, or deface any property, building or equipment.

5. I agree to abide by all decisions of game officials and will not create any unsportsmanlike gestures at any time.

6. I promise that I will be a lady/gentleman at all times and I will refrain from using any foul language.

7. I agree that I will remain a member of the team and the organization until properly released.

8. I agree to return the uniform and other equipment issued to me in as good a condition as when received, except for normal wear and tear.


  • A proof of age document must be uploaded using the form on the North Valley Golden Bears website for each athlete that is New to the club. If you competed in 2022 Cross Country or 2022 Training and Conditioning program for Storm we have your proof of age document still on file. 

    The following items are acceptable:
    1. Birth Certificate.
    2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
    3. Military Birth Certificate.
    4. Passport.
    5. Foreign Birth Document or Green Card.
    6. Copy of School Record with documented date of birth.
    7. Court decree.
    8. Valid California Identification Card

Athlete's Full Name   *

Gender    *

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Date of Birth     *

Athlete Status     *

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SECTION II. PARENTS/GUARDIANS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, AUTHORIZATION AND CONSENT (PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGN BELOW) RELEASE: I/WE the parents/guardians of the above named applicant, hereby give my/our approval to his/her participation in all conference and member organizations activities during the specified season I/WE assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities and I/WE do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the conference, member organization, organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants, and persons transporting the applicant to and from activities, form any claim arising out of an injury to the applicant.

Parent 1 Full Name     *

Parent 1 Phone Number *

Parent 1 Email     *

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Parent 2 Full Name     *

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  • INSURANCE: I/WE hereby acknowledge and represent that I understand that the Conference, or member organizations upon approval of the Conference, maintains Group Accident Coverage for medical/hospital expenses, and that I have been advised and understand the limits and provisions of such coverage, including that such coverage may be considered as “secondary” coverage when there is any other valid and collectible overage provided by applicant’s parents/guardians separate insurance specified below if known. I/WE understand that any claim for medical service which arises out of an injury from a Conference or member organization activity must be reported to the member organization Coach/Manager of applicant’s assigned team within ten days of the date of injury. Other Insurance is specified below; if none specify “none”

Insurance Provider     *

Policy Number     *

Employer     *

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